adds a cocktail of features to Safari (More Search Engines, Favicons in tab labels, Chrome bookmarks, Tabs and Bookmarks improvements, Dated download folders ...)

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version 1.0.42
November 25, 2013

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Safari 3.0.4 (4525.18) or later

macosx 10.5 or later

Current features list:

  • Adds search engines to the Safari default engine list
  • Adds Favicons to tab labels
  • Adds option to disable wide tab labels (Safari 6)
  • Adds option to set minimum tab label size to favicon size
  • Adds search link suggestions to Safari completion window (Safari 6)
  • Adds keyword search from address bar
  • Adds sort bookmarks alphabetically
  • Adds bookmarks labels
  • Adds bookmark separators
  • Adds 'new tab' position option (right/left/leftmost/rightmost)
  • Adds 'close tab' using middle mouse button
  • Focus last selected tab
  • Type-ahead support (auto cmd-f)
  • Adds a "Max Window Size" menu item to resize the Safari window
  • Dated download folders
  • Sets the focus on the search field when opening a new window (Safari 5)
  • Undo "Close Tab" (cmd-z)
  • Localized to French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Danish, and Swedish.

Pre-Safari 5.1 only:

  • Re-opens last session when Safari starts
  • Adds full-screen browsing capability
  • Forms autocomplete always on
  • Always open links in a new tab
  • Autocomplete search phrase (Safari 5)
  • Auto-Closes download window (Safari 4)

Note to Saft users:

Using both Glims and Saft on the same browser could have unexpected results. Instead of spending time inquiring and fixing this, we decided to invest our time into improving Glims so that you can enjoy more features as soon as possible.
Please feel most welcome to share you thoughts with us.

Current Localization:

French localization by Yann Ricquebourg ( )

Japanese localization by E-WA (E-WA'S BLOG)

Polish Localization by maselko (

German localization by Thomas Meyer (

Spanish localization by kounch (

Italian Localization by Alessandro Ranieri (

Korean Localization by inhyouk (

Chinese Localization by Evan Ren (

Russian Localization by Vlasov Yaroslav (

Greek Localization by Tasos Agapis (suicico) (

Danish Localization by Søren Palmund

Swedish Localization by Michael Berglund


Some well deserved credit for Cocoa code we used:

Shortcut Recorder Cocoa control for easily capturing key combinations.


more to come...