Version 1.0.42 - Post Mavericks Version

Version 1.0.42 - Post Mavericks Version

  • Added - Installation Screen to setup ads preferences.
  • Fixed - UTF8 in Google search suggestions display as expected.
  • Fixed - Last selected tab.
  • Fixed - Undo multiple closed tabs.
  • Fixed - Tabs reopening twice.
  • Fixed - Crash log window showing for no reason.
  • Known Issue - Bookmarks separator not showing on Safari 7/6.1 sidebar.
  • Known Issue - Middle-click close feature issues on Mavericks.

Version 1.0.41

Please continue to report any issues you may have.

Ads can be turned off from Glims preferences.

We added sponsored ads to compensate our development costs (remember, Glims is totally free). Thank you for your understanding.

Version 1.0.41:

This version is a major update. We had to get rid of some of the features but the result is a more stable release.

Version 1.0.39

In this version we wanted to use Google thumbnails API. The advantage of using the Google API is that we get amazing thumbnails for full URLs, which is really cool. The only downside is that the API won't work for Bing or Yahoo.

Version 1.0.39:

Version 1.0.38

This version fixes the latest problem with the Google search suggestions, adds 'back to last search' button to Safari 6, and improves the implementation of our location bar modifications.

Version 1.0.38:

  • Added - Back to last search button in location bar (Safari 6)
  • Fixed - Google searches are reflected in location bar (Safari 6)
  • Fixed - Google search suggestions
  • Fixed - Google map favicon in search engines list
  • Fixed - Search suggestions overlap (Safari 5)

Version 1.0.37

This build fixes the Google link suggestions, adds more bookmarks features, and improves stability.

Version 1.0.37:

Version 1.0.36

Version 1.0.36:

  • Fixed - Preferences don't show when restarting Safari
  • Fixed - Random Web Process crash
  • Fixed - Various performance improvements


What's new in Build 35:
  • Fixed - Installer 10.8 compatibility issues
  • Fixed - Installer not starting Glims after install
  • Fixed - Preferences not showing after sleep
  • Fixed - Select location when switching search engines
  • Fixed - Thumbnails not loading
  • Fixed - Bookmarks improvements not showing in menu bar
  • Fixed - Crash when switching search engine
  • Fixed - Recent searches not updating on Safari 6
  • Fixed - Search engines favicon
  • Fixed - Works on Leopard PPC
  • Added - Contextual menu searches o

Build 34

In this version we added support for Safari 6 and osx 10.8.

Safari 6 - New option to disable wide tab labels
Safari 6 - New search bar implementation
Safari 6 - New search suggestions within Safari completion window
Safari 6 - Improved Full Screen support
Safari 6 - blekko can be set as suggestion source (set as default)
Safari 6 - New loader

Build 33

This is a critical update which improves Glims loading.

Our goal with this build is to handle unexpected events during load.
That way, after Apple releases its new operating system, we will be able to take the necessary time to research without having the need to rush and compromise on quality.

Please continue to report any issues you may have.

Build 33:
  • Improved loader
  • Should load on newer version of Safari
  • Secondary loader for system without dyld support

Build 32

While we were busy coding, Google changed their suggestion API. As usual, we dropped everything we were doing and rolled out a build ASAP.

Also, for users that only use Glims for the search engines tweaks, we added a 'light' option to the installer. Since we noticed that a number of our daily downloads come from IXquick, Duckduckgo and blekko, we added them to the search engines list.

Please continue to report any issues you may have.