Please continue to report any issues you may have.

Ads can be turned off from Glims preferences.

We added sponsored ads to compensate our development costs (remember, Glims is totally free). Thank you for your understanding.

Version 1.0.41:

This version is a major update. We had to get rid of some of the features but the result is a more stable release.

  • Major clean up.
  • Fixes reported hang with Safari 6/7.
  • Fixes Google image issues.
  • No more blekko search suggestions (blekko doesn't want us to use their feed).
  • No more Google thumbnails (too much trouble to keep up with Google).
  • PPC not supported.

Leopard users have to restart their computer for Glims to load.

Note: Glims is not yet registered for Gatekeeper compatibility and may trigger a warning before installation on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. However, if you right click on the package icon and click 'Open' from the popup menu, the warning dialog appears with an 'Open' option.