Glims Build 20 - Fixes Safari 4.03 Crash

Glims Build 20 fixes critical issues related to Safari 4.03 update.

Apple changes in the internal of Safari (without notice) forced us to rewrite parts of the Glims engine.

A warm thank you to the hundreds of testers that patiently helped us shape this build.

Glims build 19

This build fixes the latest reported bugs. It improves overall stability and Safari 4 compatibility.

What's inside:

Glims build 18

This version is about Safafi 4. Stability comes first and we want to be sure Glims works perfectly for everyone.
A lot of credit is due to the hundreds of users who patiently helped stabilize this build. We really appreciate it.

What's inside:

Glims Build 17

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is release day. Build 17 fixes are mostly related to the newest Safari beta and Google API.

Whats new in this version:

Glims build 16

If everything goes as planned, build 16 will be out tomorrow.

As usual big thanks to all the testers. We couldn't do it without you guys.

What's new in this version:

Glims Facebook fan page

We just opened a Glims Facebook fan page.
Our plan for the coming weeks is to use it to publish tutorials and screenshot.
Please feel free to leave comments on it. The current goal is to let more people know about Glims and how cool Safari is.

Build 15 fixes a number of Safari 4 beta compatibility issues

If everything goes as planned, Build 15 will be out on Tuesday.

[Update] Everything went as planned. Build 15 is out.

This build is an overall improvement of our engines, and fixes a number of Safari 4 beta compatibility issues.

Please keep in mind, the sooner you let us know about an issue you are having with Glims, the sooner we can fix it.

We are also getting a lot of feature requests. The way we decided to work is to file the requests we receive by subjects and deal with a different subject on every release.

Glims build 14

If everything goes well, we should release build 14 tomorrow (Tuesday, March 3rd).

In this build, we plugged back the Glims features that were disabled in the previous release.
A big cheers to all the users that helped us during the process.
We had a peak of 50 emails an hour at one point, so be sure that even if we didn't reply to every single one, we did read it all.


In this version

Glims and Safari 4 beta

Safari 4 beta crashes with beta12 of Glims.
Build13 fixes the issue and is available at

beta 12 is out

During the holiday we had time to do some major bug fixing.

Happy New Year.

Whats new in this version: