Minutes after we released build 22, Google changed the html of their suggestion source (Just our luck).
As much as we try to publish no more than one build a month, this is a good enough reason to do another release after the weekend.

Whats new in build 23:

  • Fixed - Broken Google Search Suggestion

Build 22:

  • Fixed - Google Search Suggestion “More” links
  • Fixed - Google 'Options' not clickable
  • Fixed - Google thumbnails not showing
  • Fixed - Google showing random code at the bottom of the page
  • Fixed - UnInstaller in multi users environment
  • Fixed - UnInstaller not stopping the “Glims Agent” process
  • Fixed - Icon of current search engine at launch
  • Fixed - Preference panel not showing
  • Fixed - Rare crash in Search Engine window
  • Improvement - Updated Yahoo icon

and more...