In this version we wanted to make the preferences more intuitive so that even novice users would appreciate the options available.
Glims doesn't rely on Apple's session manager anymore which allows us to include history for undo and tab restoring.

Note: Italian and Korean localizations are discontinued for this version.

  • Added - Undo tabs now includes history
  • Added - Restore tabs now includes history
  • Added - Improved preference panels
  • Added - More preference flags to the restore tabs
  • Added - More preference options for undo
  • Added - Google Latvia search suggestions
  • Fixed - Google Suggestions Links
  • Fixed - Google Suggestions Words
  • Fixed - Tabs not restoring properly
  • Fixed - Wrong results while Google selected as search engine
  • Fixed - Google SSL not showing thumbnails properly
  • Fixed - Undo tabs reopen twice
  • Fixed - Glims Agent log error
  • Fixed - Tabs restore performance improvements
  • Fixed - Commas are stripped from custom search engine URLs (IE:
  • Fixed - More Safari5 improvements