In this version we added an option to set the minimum tab bar labels size to the size of the favicon (Safari 4 and 5 only). The option is off by default, and can be activated from the "Tab Misc." panel of the Glims preferences. We also did a partial rewrite of the Google thumbnails to include the instant search results.

In this release:

  • New - Option to set the minimum tab bar labels size to favicon size (Safari 4 and 5 only)
  • Fixed - Restored Window size is off by 2 pixels on top
  • Fixed - Type ahead with some German ( ä, ö or ü ) characters
  • Fixed - Restored of minimized windows
  • Fixed - Restored tabs order
  • Fixed - First panel of Glims preferences on Safari 4
  • Fixed - Position new tab preferences
  • Fixed - Thumbnails not showing with Google Instant
  • Fixed - Thumbnails should not show in Google shopping results
  • Fixed - Thumbnails in news results of
  • Fixed - Google SSL Search should use and avoid redirect
  • Fixed - Every single crash log reported
  • Improved - Glims Agent
  • Improved - Compiled with the latest XCode ( 3.2.4 )
  • Known issue - Italian and Korean localizations are discontinued
  • Known issue - Using the Session safari extension with Glims enabled have unexpected result