Version 1.0b28:

This version is a maintenance update. During the past six months, we rewrote parts of the engine as well as the preference module engine to improve performance. We also fixed every reported crash.

  • Improved - Loading time at start
  • Improved - General performance
  • Improved - Preference engine
  • Fixed - Various search field issues
  • Fixed - Crash when quitting in full screen
  • Fixed - Reported crash with keyword suggestions
  • Fixed - Misc reported crash
  • Fixed - Google thumbnails not rendering properly
  • Fixed - Glims agent performance
  • Added - Bing thumbnails
  • Added - Close Tab with CMD-Click (when middle click close tab is enabled)
  • Known issue - Italian and Korean localizations are discontinued
  • Known issue - Using the Session safari extension with Glims enabled have unexpected result