Following last week's release, we received a number of crash reports. Since stability comes first, we decided to have as many builds as needed until Glims is working perfectly for everyone. So please continue to send us reports on any issues you may have.
In addition, we polished the search suggestions and search field autocomplete to make it less intrusive, and modified the snow leopard tab restore to use Safari session files.

Added - Up arrow in search field shows the suggestions
Added - Snow Leopard - Safari 5.1 - Glims Tab Restore now uses Safari session files
Fixed - Crash when typing in search field
Fixed - Problem with apps not recognizing our 'Internet Plugin'
Fixed - Snow Leopard - WebKit - Safari opens when using Glims Tab Restore
Fixed - Snow Leopard - WebKit - Glims Tab Restore open URL twice
Fixed - Webkit - Google thumbnails not showing
Fixed - Installer - Lion showing as Snow Leopard
Fixed - Closing tab shows suggestions
Fixed - Search field Autocomplete false positives
Fixed - Search field Autocomplete shouldn't show on backspace
Fixed - Search suggestions should not be cached
Fixed - Error handling in search suggestions
Fixed - Clicking on the Search Engine icon should focus the field