While we were busy coding, Google changed their suggestion API. As usual, we dropped everything we were doing and rolled out a build ASAP.

Also, for users that only use Glims for the search engines tweaks, we added a 'light' option to the installer. Since we noticed that a number of our daily downloads come from IXquick, Duckduckgo and blekko, we added them to the search engines list.

Please continue to report any issues you may have.

Build 32:

  • Added - An option to install a 'Light' version of the plugin.
  • Added - An option to load search engines thumbnails using HTTPS.
  • Added - Startpage, IXquick, duckduckgo, and blekko to search engines list.
  • Added - When Lion is not restoring tabs, the plugin should take over.
  • Added - Danish localization.
  • Fixed - The restart Safari message during installation should be attached to the installer window.
  • Fixed - Incorrect permission of the folder /Library/ScriptingAdditions following installation.
  • Fixed - Search keyword suggestions not showing.
  • Fixed - Search links suggestions missing entries.
  • Fixed - Some letters (á, í, ó, ý etc...) do not work when autocomplete is activated.
  • Fixed - PPC binary is not needed on Snow Leopard.
  • Fixed - Should be able to use search engine Keyword in location bar without a query.
  • Fixed - Minimal sized tabs in fullscreen won't show properly after restart.
  • Fixed - Minor layout issue with Google Thumbnails.