Build 31

This build fixes the issue with the Google thumbnails. Thank you all for the emails.

Build 30

Following last week's release, we received a number of crash reports. Since stability comes first, we decided to have as many builds as needed until Glims is working perfectly for everyone. So please continue to send us reports on any issues you may have.
In addition, we polished the search suggestions and search field autocomplete to make it less intrusive, and modified the snow leopard tab restore to use Safari session files.

Build 29

Lion and Safari 5.1 support is here. With this release, we wanted to make sure to take full advantage of the improvements made in Safari. Glims has a new loader, and we made sure the existing features work better on Lion.
Special thanks to our amazing Facebook fan page of over 5000 users that helped us stabilize this build, and were gracious about everything going wrong.
We didn't update right after Safari 5.1 was released, we wanted to make sure no critical issues were left in this build.


Build 28

Version 1.0b28:

This version is a maintenance update. During the past six months, we rewrote parts of the engine as well as the preference module engine to improve performance. We also fixed every reported crash.

Build 27

In this version we added an option to set the minimum tab bar labels size to the size of the favicon (Safari 4 and 5 only). The option is off by default, and can be activated from the "Tab Misc." panel of the Glims preferences. We also did a partial rewrite of the Google thumbnails to include the instant search results.

In this release:

  • New - Option to set the minimum tab bar labels size to favicon size (Safari 4 and 5 only)
  • Fixed - Restored Window size is off by 2 pixels on top

Version 1b26

In this version we wanted to make the preferences more intuitive so that even novice users would appreciate the options available.
Glims doesn't rely on Apple's session manager anymore which allows us to include history for undo and tab restoring.

Note: Italian and Korean localizations are discontinued for this version.

Version 1b25

This build is mostly about fixing Safari 5, Google issues, and reported bugs.

Thanks to the thousands of testers who helped us make this build stable. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you experience any problems.

Whats new in build 25:

Version 1b23

Minutes after we released build 22, Google changed the html of their suggestion source (Just our luck).
As much as we try to publish no more than one build a month, this is a good enough reason to do another release after the weekend.

Whats new in build 23:

  • Fixed - Broken Google Search Suggestion

Build 22:

Tab Issues with Snow Leopard

If after installing Glims your restored tabs look selected or the tab borders are not displaying as they should, you most likely have the Logitech Control Center 3.1 installed.

Since no one wants to uninstall LCC, we wanted to point out the two threads on the Logitech forum talking about it.

Version 1.0b21

We had to make a lot of changes to our code in order to get Glims to work on Snow Leopard. Thanks to the thousands of users that have tested our different builds, you guys rock.

In order to get the code to work on Snow Leopard we had to ditch our support for 10.4 (Tiger). We tried hard to avoid this but we had no choice. 10% of our users are using Tiger and we wouldn't do it if it was not necessary.