Our new build is out, the new features include autocomplete, bookmark menu improvements, middle click tab close, and tab position options.
We are still receiving a lot of emails of feature requests, and possible improvement. As usual we are going to take a few days of rest, and then decide on the content of our next release.
Whats new in this version:

  • Added: in search field - Autocomplete search phrase
  • Added: in bookmark bar - Action to add bookmark/folder here
  • Added: in bookmark bar - Option to replace bookmarks titled "-" with menu separator
  • Added: in suggestion window - "CMD down arrow" jumps between search words and link suggestions
  • Added: new tab position option (right/left/leftmost/rightmost)
  • Added: tab closing using middle mouse button
  • Fixed: wrong last tab selected when closing inactive tab
  • Fixed: properly saving tabs on quit
  • Fixed: quit without any window open
  • Fixed: Google thumbnails wont show randomly
  • Improved: suggestion window overall improvements
  • Improved: usual Yahoo/Google thumbnails fixes
  • Added: Spanish localization
  • Added: Italian localization