If everything goes well, we should release build 14 tomorrow (Tuesday, March 3rd).

In this build, we plugged back the Glims features that were disabled in the previous release.
A big cheers to all the users that helped us during the process.
We had a peak of 50 emails an hour at one point, so be sure that even if we didn't reply to every single one, we did read it all.


In this version

  • Safari 4 beta: Search suggestions and links are now working
  • Safari 4 beta: Tab favicons are showing
  • Safari 4 beta: Fixed Bookmarks features
  • Full rewrite of the tab favicons module which should bring a general performance improvement

Known issue

  • Tab favicon is not working with the hidden preference of Apple ( "DebugSafari4TabBarIsOnTop" )

List from build 13

  • Fixed: nasty crash with Safari 4 beta
  • Fixed: crash while displaying the suggestion window
  • Fixed: opt-cmd-f not working in search field
  • Fixed: cmd-enter not working in search field
  • Fixed: last selected tab wrong order
  • Fixed: undo closed tab creates a blank tab
  • Fixed: Yahoo thumbnails
  • Added: option to open tabs grouped (open right of selected tab ordered)
  • Added: vertical bookmark separator in the bookmark menu bar
  • Added: any number of - in the bookmark title translate into a separator
  • Added: Korean localization
  • Added: Google icon