Setting shortcuts and keywords to search engines

In this tutorial, I am going to add a shortcut and keyword to Glims's Google search engine settings.

Shortcuts are used within the search field to switch between engines.
Keywords are used in the address bar to perform quick search's.

First, we open Glims's preferences. In the 'Search Engines' tab, double click on 'Google'.
You should see a window like this:

To set the shortcut to Apple-Shift-g, click in the shortcut field and then press the wanted key combination.
If the key is already used by another process you will get an error.
Then to set the keyword to 'g', just fill in the keyword field.

You should see something like this:

Press the 'Set' button and you are done.
You can now go to the address bar and type 'g' followed by the search string.

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