We had to make a lot of changes to our code in order to get Glims to work on Snow Leopard. Thanks to the thousands of users that have tested our different builds, you guys rock.

In order to get the code to work on Snow Leopard we had to ditch our support for 10.4 (Tiger). We tried hard to avoid this but we had no choice. 10% of our users are using Tiger and we wouldn't do it if it was not necessary.

Following the ever growing number of emails from novice users, the "type-ahead" features is now off by default. To use it, you will need to enable it from the Glims preferences.

  • Added: Snow Leopard Support
  • Added: Cuil in search engines list
  • Fixed - "|" character in Search Engine URL
  • Fixed - Greek localization Search Suggestions bug
  • Fixed - Italian localization spelling mistakes
  • Fixed - Thumbnails with Yahoo! Mexico
  • Fixed - Thumbnails with Yahoo! Japan
  • Fixed - Favicon not displaying for specific URIs
  • Fixed: Broken shortcuts for CMD+L and CMD+ALT+F
  • Fixed: Fullscreen tab bar behaviour
  • Fixed: Backspace triggering empty search
  • Fixed: Snapback not showing
  • Improved: Google loading performance
  • Improved: Tab Banner
  • Improved: Lots of Optimization